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FACTS About Wearing a Face Mask

Disposable Face Masks

3-ply non-woven fabric with ear loop.  The features include easy breathable, effective multi-layer bacterial filter, soft, lightweight, comfortable and easy to wear.

Reusable Face Masks

The reusable masks consist of three (3) layers of pressed cotton or polyester fabric with elastic ear loops.  They are designed to be worn multiple times and can be washed between wearing.  These masks are a practical alternative to surgical single use masks.

Disposable Face Mask Protection Levels

Level 3 Disposable Face Masks

Level 3 protection is the highest level of protection and is designed as Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for professional healthcare workers. If you work close to others and find social distancing difficult then level 3 face mask protection is your best option.
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Level 2 Disposable Face Masks

Level 2 Face masks are readily considered as a sensible and careful choice for regular community situations designed to prevent local area transmission of viruses through droplets expelled from the mouth and they work very well.
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